Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Design

- Design of effective organic molecules

- Pharmaceutical, agricultural, and personal care

- Early discovery chemistry triage to candidate developability

- Structure- and fragment-based design


CRO Collaboration & Management

- Chemistry, biology, in vitro ADMET, DMPK, and tox studies

- Identification and assessment of worldwide resources

- Appropriate use of FTE or FFS arrangements

- Flexible work schedules


Patent Strategy & Analysis

- Patentability searching, landscape analysis

- Application assembly, liaison with patent counsel

- Focus on novel composition-of-matter

- STN experienced user (>25 years)


Program Assessment & Due Diligence

- Academic and industrial tech transfer

- Scientific due diligence; key information for investors

- Analysis of small molecule results

- Approaches against various biological targets


Project Management

- Detail-oriented with efficient data capture

- Scope, time and resource management

- Cohesive organization and communication channels

- Focus on critical goals and effective paths


Lab Start-up & Operations

- Key components of early stage company focus

- Facilities and equipment procurement

- Efficient operations management

- Identification of critical team members

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